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Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

A leaking foundation can cause mold
to develop in the basement or crawl space of your home. Left untreated, water damage and excess humidity
will cause mold to begin to grow. Our team of professionals will waterproof your basement or crawl space so that there will not be enough moisture for mold to develop.
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We are a trusted, licensed, bonded and insured basement waterproofing company for NY and CT.

Basement Systems Waterproofing
provide families with dry, healthy homes throughout New York, and Connecticut. Our
waterproofing system
works and we guarantee it. Rainwater and thawing snow build up hydrostatic pressure against the walls of a home until finally water intrusions are not just annoyances but unhealthy and dangerous to you and your family. When Statewide
Basement Systems Waterproofing
installs your home waterproofing system, molds and other potentially harmful infestations are no longer able to feed on the sheetrock, wood, insulation and other building materials that are essentially feeding the toxins that are harmful to humans. Reducing water in the home significantly reduces myriad harmful health effects as well as negative economic and deleterious structural impacts. Often times such conditions can lead to respiratory ailments, and other health-related illnesses.

Basement Systems Waterproofing
is locally owned and operated
company, based in NY. Our integrity, character and reputation have been earned by providing quality service and basement waterproofing systems for our valued customers. Our waterproofing installation process is offered throughout the year and is not prohibited by the cold winter months like other, more expensive and invasive methods.

Basement Waterproofing
Systems provides Free Estimates and Consultations with absolutely no-charge and with No-Obligation to buy. We knowt you will appreciate our expertise in the industry. We are also confident that you will recognize that the services we offer are exactly what you need to protect you and your home. When homeowners choose Statewide
Basement Systems
to install their
Home Waterproofing
System they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are protecting their health and home, the right way. This protection comes complete with a written lifetime transferable warranty.

After careful assessment, options will be explained, a plan of action will be scheduled, and the process to eliminate your dampness, water, and mold challenges will begin. At this point in our history, armed with the scientific data about the effects of living and breathing poor quality air and exposing oneself to harmful allergens which reproduce in damp, wet environments there is no longer any excuse to leave damp, unhealthy basements unchecked to wreak havoc on us. Call today for your free in-home consultation for a guaranteed
proven, solution to a very unhealthy problem.
Protect your family's health and your investment in your home. If you have a wet basement, chances are that you may need to have your basement waterproofed. We will stop the source of your water seepage and waterproof your home.

Water damage can destroy your home.  Leaks in your basement foundation will cause your foundation to weaken, wood to rot and mold to flourish.  Proper sealing and drainage of your foundation will protect your home, property and health.  Allowing water damage to continue with accelerate the damage and cost of repairs.  Mold spores are present in the air.  If you have wet and humid places in your home, mold will develop.

- SuperCrete basement and crawlspace resealing and resurfacing
- We perform safe, comprehensive cleanouts after water emergencies and initiate restoration and    damage control
- Free home consultations and written estimates
- We install comprehensive interior perimeter
systems for residential, and commercial buildings.
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